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Somerset's Finest Folk Music Fun for Children


About Fiddlin' Folk

Fiddlin’ Folk is a young people’s band that plays - yes – folk music!   On all sizes of fiddle: violin, viola, cello and double bass.  We also welcome flute, whistle and recorder players, plus guitar and ukelele, which add variety, rhythm and harmony to the sound.


We started back in 1999 to give young musicians a chance to make music together which they could enjoy right from the start.  One of our first big events was a Barn Dance for which we had to learn to play several tunes, and then everyone (parents, brothers and sisters, friends – and players too) danced to them. The founders were Anna Bushell and Mandy Rowley, music teachers with a special gift for the early stages of learning music.  They were soon joined by the versatile and energetic Mike and Ali Highfield, whose expertise and enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone.


Players’ ages range from 7 to 16+, and the standard ranges from beginner to about Grade 5+.  Parents often play along too.


We meet monthly to practise at North Curry Village Hall near Taunton, Somerset, from 5.30 - 7 on second Sundays. Our more experienced players then remain for a further 30 minutes to work on more advanced techniques. We also get out and about,  playing at Fetes, Festivals and other Events.


Once or twice a year we host workshops with outside experts, which are open to any young players, not just band members.



The best way to find out about us is to come to a practice, bring your instrument, and join in... just let us know when you plan to come, so we’ll have a part for you to play!